Ayurveda For Motherhood


Nature creates within you an entire human in just forty weeks. Throughout pregnancy your body is your unborn baby’s universe. You are the rivers, sunlight, earth and sky for this being growing within you. Your baby’s body, mind, and soul are intimately intertwined with your own. Together you express the creative flow of life.

In each moment, your unborn baby is immersed in the sounds and vibrations of your breath and your heartbeat. Your baby feels your emotions. Whenever you move, laugh, cry or rest your baby responds. The potential for your baby’s life is encoded in their cells, while the environment of your body can either nurture or disturb this growth. Accept this responsibility with joy, for each healthy choice you make on behalf of your baby nourishes you as well!

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“Pregnancy is not just something that is happening to you; it is a miraculous unfolding that you are co-creating.”


– Deepak Chopra

This 6 week course gives you a chance to replenish and connect with yourself and your baby. We will use meditation, yoga postures and breathing exercises to bring conscious awareness to the rhythmic changes at work in the physical body, building strength and endurance to prepare for childbirth while you also connect with yourself emotionally, acknowledging the transformation that is taking place. 

What you can expect:

❀ Weekly yoga classes, each one based on a different theme
❀ Meditations, affirmations and journal prompts to accompany your yoga practice
❀ Ayurvedic nutrition and self care for pregnancy
❀ Ayurvedic remedies for common pregnancy complaints
❀ Content delivered straight to your inbox each week

❀ Access to an archive of all classes and meditations to continue your practice once the course has finished
❀ Personal answers to all your questions via email


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Kyla.

Originally from Portland Oregon,

I followed my heart and moved across the world to Amsterdam 7 years ago.

I am a mother myself and I have a passion for supporting other mothers throughout their journey, holding the deepest belief that when a mother is properly supported, she will thrive, creating a ripple effect within her family and her community for years to come. During my own pregnancy I realized how incredibly profound doing yoga during this time could be. My yoga practice gave me strength to prepare for birth as well as softness so I could open and surrender, but most importantly it gave me trust that my breath and my body would enable me to meet with an open heart whatever birth experience I encountered. As a pregnancy yoga teacher my mission is to support you as you connect to this trust, find your inner strength and step into your power as a mother.