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Ayurveda For Motherhood

Mother and Baby


I started Matri Ayurveda in January 2020 because I wanted to support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum using the beautiful practices from Ayurveda. That vision hasn't changed. If anything it has become even more of a passion. I love this work. But one thing I've realized over these past years is that my favorite part is nourishing newborn mothers in the early days of postpartum. So I started to think about how I could offer support to more women during this time. Then all of a sudden at the start of 2023 everything started to fall into place and I clearly saw my path. 

I am happy to announce that I am training to become a kraamzorg (maternity nurse) under the practical guidance of Siri Amrit Khalsa. This training will allow me to offer more support to families in the first days after birth. I feel very grateful to have experienced what this support can look like when I had Siri as my kraamzorg after the birth of my second child and I am very happy she will be guiding me through the journey of becoming a kraamzorg myself. 

As a kraamzorg I will offer support that is a combination of practical modern knowledge and ancient wisdom. Although my role as a kraamzorg is different than a postpartum doula I will still work from an Ayurvedic perspective offering support with food and bodywork alongside my kraamzorg duties. My goal is for you to feel nourished and held in this transition into parenthood. 

During my training year, which started in May 2023, in addition to studying, I get to work with families to support them under the guidance of my mentor.


Are you currently looking for a holistic kraamzorg?

Get in touch and we can schedule a call to get to know each other, discuss your wishes / any questions you have, and see if we are a good match! 

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