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Yoga & Ayurveda for Pregnancy


This 6 week course gives you a chance to replenish and connect with yourself and your baby. We will use meditation, yoga postures and breathing exercises to bring conscious awareness to the rhythmic changes at work in the physical body, building strength and endurance to prepare for childbirth while you also connect with yourself emotionally, acknowledging the transformation that is taking place. What you can expect: ❀ Weekly yoga classes, each based on a different theme ❀ Meditations and journal prompts to accompany your yoga practice ❀ Ayurvedic nutrition and self care for pregnancy ❀ Ayurvedic remedies for common pregnancy complaints ❀ Self paced course with new content unlocking every week ❀ Access to an archive of all classes and meditations to continue your practice once the course has finished ❀ Personal answers to all your questions via email

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